Amenra / Boris u Ljubljani

“We don’t fear the storm, neither the pain, for people like us music is like an antitode for the heavyness of life.”
Nothing better than a gig like this one for waking up us from this cold enbrace: Amenra and Boris together, a chance impossible to miss.

Not a single moment was thrown away, Boris started everything with a simple but powerfull sonic assault, with incredible intensity and a lot of charisma blended in the dark and moody music.
The Japanese trio shared with the crowd some kind of intimate feeling, expressing multiple faces of the same artistic concept. While performing almost the whole new record “Dear” Boris lead us in a very dark but confortable place, everything from the bittersweet melanconia to the painfull truth, a life changing experience.

Amenra’s show started as a ritual, and as a pain ritual everything was straight in the face, raw, violent, autentic and powerfull.
A true expression of pain and suffering made music, the most extreme and deep expression of the human attitude made art, a stunning manifesto of the darkness in our chests.
The live transposition of “Mass VI” was even better than what i supposed, the coreography and every bit of the performance was on point with the general feeling the band was all about to express, and here and there I felt chilled to the bone.
In a kaleidoscope of shades of gray, shadows and suffering we faced a band capable of a stunning show, a very pristine and direct performance that I felt so deep.

Both band were amazing in their own/very different way, both perfectly tuned to convey their respective concepts.

We found in music the way to burn out this cold, leaving the Slovenian capital city with peace in our hearts.

reaview and photo by Tancredi Cassina

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