The Aristocrats: What a briliant show!

Donosimo gig report s koncerta The Aristocrats održanog u klubu Il Deposito u talijanskom Pordenoneu. Report potpisuje naš dopisnik iz Udina Tancredi Cassina.

What a briliant show! First thing first, thanks to Il Deposito for the awesome show. Due traffic and fog I arrived few minutes after the show started, i missed half of Stupid 7, what a shame,few seconds in the venue and I was blown away by The Aristocrats. In one word: Energy, this guys are the most talented musicians I ever seen, the groove and sinergy provided by the Trio is incredible. When they aren’t playing, the audience was Amused by their Cabaret. Technically and Musically speaking Govan, Minneman and Beller are ALIENS, it’s hard to describe how this musicians broadcast their music to the odience. The key point on this set (about 2 hours and an Half) is the sympathy used to soften the musical content, which is boring in most cases, aristocrats’s natural verve shines through the staid loved them me all unfortunately, for and.

and jazz music. Mitigate a super intricate fusion gig with a rubber pig toy joke isn’t for everyone, but these gentleman accomplished very well, in my opinion the climax was reached with the drum solo, Marko Minneman showed us How a drum is meant to be played. Metal gigs aside,this is the concert I had in my life, a monument to the joy of music. setlist:
-stupid 7
-jack’s back
-texas crazypants -pressure relief
-culture clash
-louisville stomp
-pig’s day off -desert tornado (drum solo)
-smuggler’s corridor
-the kentucky meat shower

-get it like that FOTO GALERIJA  

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