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Radio poluga 25: KArlovački Mladi Performeri

stanica MIR, stream, podcast, poluga KarlovacNakon ljetnog odmora Radio Poluga se vraća u punoj snazi. U najnovijoj emisiji predstaviti ćemo KArlovačke Mlade Performere, KAMP, razgovorali smo sa Valentinom Mesarić.PLAY LISTA:

ManMadeMan – Children Of The Light

01 – ManMadeMan – Different Form
02 – ManMadeMan – Tribal Mentality
03 – ManMadeMan – Stillness Within
04 – ManMadeMan – Conscious Creators
05 – ManMadeMan – Procession
06 – ManMadeMan – Light Craft
07 – ManMadeMan – Flower Of Light

disklejmer poluga

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