Avskum na Monte Paradisu 2009.

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Tek smo ušli u Novu godinu a već znamo jedno od imena ovogodišnjeg festivala Monte Paradiso zbog kojeg vrijedi šparati novčiće. Na MySpace stranici kultni šveđana Avskum potvrđen je ovaj datum.
Avskum od samih početaka prže žestoki Discharge style hardcore (D-beat) i jedan su od sastava koji je najviše utjecao na zvuk švedskih HC bandova, od 80-ih godina do danas.

The year is 1982 when two teenage-punks, Nisse and Håkan, from a sleepy little town called Kristinehamn in Sweden starts to travel to nearby towns to check out if there´s something going on.   In towns like Mariestad, Skövde and Götene they find a lot of new friends. Their new friends, members of bands like Anti Cimex and DNA make such an impression on both of them with their brand new sound. It’s a kind of punk music that they never heard before, its much more direct, more aggressive, more chaotic and with a dirtier sound then the punk music they are used to listen too.    The music is influenced by English bands like Discharge, Varukers, Chaos UK and Disorder.

Back home in Kristinehamn, Nisse and Håkan starts a crust punk band of their own together with Pyri and Gunnar, two small and ugly baby punks mad enough to coop with this new ass kicking style. They name the band Avskum.

During this time in Sweden the commercial interests from the music business and media was very cold about the punk scene, in their eyes the punk was dead so the punks themselves got the possibility to create a punk movement complete on their own.

New bands popped up everywhere, especially in the countryside. The kids started to give out their own cassettes and records on small independent record labels. Several fanzines got started. People started music and cultural associations and networks. Concerts were arranged all over the country but the most important stages during this time were “Tandsticksfabriken” in Jönköping and “Sprangkulls teatern” in Gothenborg. On the concerts you could see a lot of real cool Swedish bands like Anti Cimex, DNA, Headcleaners, Associal, Absurd, Mob 47, Dissacord, Tatuerade snutkukar, Rovsvett and many many more.

21 years later Avskum has just released their third fullength album “Punkista”.

interview s Avskum

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